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BIZ | LAW offers legal advice for tech companies, research institutions and leading-edge clusters. We advise mid-size companies, but much more than that, we also work with start-ups, universities and the public sector. Nearly all of our clients come from the six key technologies (KET’s) micro- and nano-electronics, photonics, materials, bio-technology and production. They are actively working to shape the future being forged under the catchwords “digitalisation”, “Industry 4.0” and “Internet of Things (“IoT”). And we are helping them on their way.


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Our fields of expertise are precisely tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We provide advice in the fields of (international) commercial and contract law, corporate law, labour law, IP/IT law and technology transfer. From business formation, reorganisation and financing, to providing legal advice for operational issues, to finding just the right business contact from our extensive network, we support our clients with first-class legal advice and years of industry experience.



Our location in Dresden puts us at the heart of Silicon Saxony. The name “Silicon Saxony” initially stood for the home-grown semi-conductor industry in Dresden, Chemnitz and Freiberg, however today it has become synonymous with Saxony’s innovative drive. New organisations, such as BioSaxony and EnergySaxony, bundle together a number of additional businesses, research institutions and universities that work collaboratively here across industries. This makes Saxony one of the very few regions in Europe where players from all of the key future technologies defined by the European Commission are located. You may read more about the key technologies (KET’s) here.